Practical Information  

Emergency Numbers
Emergency Service in Georgia: 112

Lari represents national currency of Georgia. 100 Tetri equals 1 Lari. US Dollars, Euros and Russian Rubles can be exchanged in banks and round-the-clock exchange bureaus. Most of the supermarkets, restaurants and shops in the cities and big towns accept credit cards. Cards can be used for taking out money from cash machines everywhere except mountainous regions.

Exchange Rate of Lari to 
USD: 2,3 GEL
EUR: 2,6 GEL  

In Georgia one can notice a lot of cars with taxi signs. Most of them are private. It is advisable to negotiate the fare with these drivers before taking taxi, as they have no meter. If you prefer ordering taxi in a taxi agency, you should ask at reception or dial following numbers (032) 2511 or (032) 2181515.  

Public Transport
Most convenient and fastest transport in the capital is Metro (subway). You need a card which is sold at every underground station and costs 2 Lari. You should add some amount of cash in it. One journey equals 50 tetri, whatever distance. The same cards can be used on buses and mini busses.

Georgian dishes are full of calories. Walnuts and hot spices are often used in big amounts in them, which may lead to stomach upset after several days of tasting them. If you are allergic to any products, let the guide know about it in order to avoid any inconveniences. 
Running water can be used for hygienic purposes. For drinking it is better to use mineral water.

The restaurants we usually book for our visitors follow Georgian traditions. The food usually includes several snacks and a few hot dishes, which are served on big plates to be shared individually. Wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks can be ordered for extra charge. The Georgians like visiting restaurants with friends and relatives to have fun, make noisy toasts, drink, sing and dance. Take it for granted if you come across such a cheerful company next to your table. Often even music in many restaurants is rather noisy. If you happen to experience this, try to relax and enjoy it. 
Take into consideration that smoking is not yet prohibited in many public places, especially in restaurants. 

The Code of Behaviour 
Every nation has its customs and traditions, which should be respected. The following should be taken into account:
• While visiting some churches and monasteries women have to wear shawls, which are often provided on the spot. In some monasteries women, also, have to wear special
dresses covering legs, also given on the spot. 
• Men can’t enter the monasteries in shorts.
• Taking photos in churches is forbidden during the service.
• If you wish to photograph local people, especially clergymen, please, first take permission first. They usually agree and even take it for honour.

The routes and destinations offered by us are absolutely secure. As for the other places, rules are the same as everywhere else in the world: while walking alone in the evening, keep close to central places which are well lit. In crowded places, like street markets, watch your wallets and other personal belongings. 
On the very arrival in Georgia, you will notice that while walking in Tbilisi streets, one should take special precaution, as the drivers often ignore rules. Wherever possible, use underground crossings. At zebra crossings, without traffic lights, drivers usually do not let pedestrians go.

Contacts with the Locals
Knowing some useful words and phrases will help you in contacting local people, expressing your gratitude and politeness:

გამარჯობა   gamarjoba   hello
ნახვამდის   nakhvamdis   bye
დიახ, კი   diakh, ki   yes (polite and casual)
არა   аrа   no
კარგი   kargi   ok
მე მქვია ....   мe мкvia…   My name is…
მადლობა   madlоbа   thank you
ინებეთ   inebеt   Here you are
გაუმარჯოს   gaumarjos   Cheers (while toasting) 

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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