Georgia, one of the ancient countries, keeps a big amount of amazing historic and ethnographic artifacts in its national museums. There are, also, quite a few art galleries and museums of prominent people. 

There are eleven national museums in Georgia Among them most popular are: 

Archaeological Treasury of S.Janashia Museum,Tbilisi.
Golden and silver jewelry dated back from 8th century BC. Most of them made locally and found during archeological excavations. 

The Treasury of the Museum of Arts, Tbilisi
Old icons, procession crosses, ritual crafts.

Historic Museum of Tbilisi (Karavan-Saray)
Archeological and ethnological collections dated from 4th century AD, as well as various crafts, photo collection, etc., describing city life during centuries.

Open air Ethnographic Museum, Tbilisi
Houses from different regions of Georgia with their architectural peculiarities. 

Historic and Ethnographic Museum of Svaneti, Mestia
Golden and silver artifacts, icons, decorations, hunting ornaments, warriors’ belongings, coins, the richest collection of old Georgian manuscripts of 9-11th centuries. 

The Museum of Dmanisi
Here were found the remains of first settlers from Africa to Europe 1.7 million years ago, proving that the route passed Georgia.

The Museum of Signaghi
The collection of paintings by famous Georgian artist, Pirosmani. Also, archeological and ethnographic findings of the region.

There are some other museums, worth visiting:
The House Museum of Chavchavadze from Georgian noble family in Tsinandali, Kakheti The Museum of Stalin in Gori
The House Museum of Dadiani noble family in Zugdidi
The Museum of Khariton Akhvlediani in Batumi

Art Galleries:
National Gallery, Tbilisi
The House Museum of Elene Akhvlediani, Tbilisi
Lado Gudiashvili Gallery, Tbilisi

The History of Georgian Orthodox Church