Maps of Georgia

Information about visa

For entering and staying in Georgia at least 90 days, citizens of EU member contries, CIS countires, USA, Canada, United Mexican states, state of Israel and some other countries need no visas. For more information please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Airports & Air companies

There are 3 international airports in Georgia.  

Tbilisi International Airport - 25 km from the centre of Tbilisi
Kutaisi International Airport - 30 km from the centre of Kutaisi
Batumi International Airport - 10 km from the centre of Batumi

Crossing the border by car

Georgia has borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and Turkey. Some points at the border are often used by tourists, especially while combined tours with Azerbaijan and Armenia. There are the most popular checkpoints: with Azerbaijan – Lagodekhi/Balakan (160 km.), with Armenia – Sadakhlo/Bagratashen (75 km.) and Ninotsminda/Bavra (190 km.), with Russia – Kazbegi/Lars (165 km.), with Turkey – Vale/Posof (230 km.) und Sarp/Sarp (400 km.).

Crossing the country by train

Railway infrastructure is not very developed in Georgia. The most popular railway route for tourists is Baku-Tbilisi. There is a night train every day from Tbilisi to Baku as well as from Baku to Tbilisi. Tbilisi-Yerevan route is less popular and there is the night train connection once every other day as well as Yerevan-Tbilisi. On the territory of Georgia Tbilisi-Batumi train is very popular. There is the train twice a day daily from Tbilisi to Batumi as well as from Batumi to Tbilisi and one more night train. Due to high demand there are more connections in summer.