Personal attention

           and an eye
                             for detail

Quality Management

Quality control is essential for our company. We do our best to not only satisfy our clients, but make them excited.     
Our quality control is based on the following:
• Management  
We manage the Company honestly and transparently. The functions are clearly distributed. The processes are well planned. Each member of our team is aware of being an integral part of one whole.
• Organization
We deal with details from general vision, thus, achieving the best possible results. Each detail is thought and planned so that our guests can feel secure and comfortable.
• Our partners and subagents
We choose the best partners and subagents throughout Georgia according to quality criteria and pay special attention to cost-quality proportion and balance. Mutual interest and trust come first for us.  
• Attitude to clients  
We listen to our clients, take into account their initial position and wishes, give them advice, information and offer the best suggestions to achieve their goals.  
Your feedback is very important for us!
We do want to know the opinion of our guests in order to improve the quality and see how right our steps are. Therefore, we welcome to hear your comments on our services to our e-mail address:   
Thank you in advance!