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April - October 2016
Highlights of Georgia
On this tour you will get familiar with historical sites of Georgia and enjoy wonderful landscapes of the Great Caucasus Mountain Range. Good food and wine is also one of the highlights of the tour that makes your journey perfect.
Fascinating Villages of Svaneti
Trekking tour ii Georgia, in villages of the mountainous Region of Svaneti (UNESCO World Heritage) offers you unique experiences in the world of glaciers and defensive towers, reminding of medieval ages.
Books for inspiration
Wide range of tours to Georgia of different interests: cultural tours, trekking tours, thematic tours, short tours etc.
International brand hotels, local middle class hotels and hotels with special design and ambience
Assistance and booking of different kind service for Business travelers, Conferences & Seminars, Incentives and small Events
Upcoming Events and Festivals from different sections - Sport, Culture, Gastronomy, Relaxation.
Black Sea Jazz Festival 2016 / 15-24.07.2016

Year by year Black Sea Jazz festival gathers stars from all over the world in Batumi. This year, festival as a part of new Check in Georgia project was held on 15-24 of July and was especially energetic and interesting. In the frames of the festival music lovers saw: Ms. Lauryn Hill, Prodigy, Jamie Cullum, Miles Electric Band, Nik West, Basta Rhymes and Macy Gray. Apart from foreign musicians, Georgian performers also gave concerts at Batumi Colonnades.

Conference on Tourism development prospects in Georgia / 15.04.2016

Tourst agency “Meet in Georgia” chose winner for the presentation “Creative Tourism” at the conference “Tourism Development Prospects in Georgia and World Experience” held on 15th of April, in Tbilisi. The winner, Ms. Tatia Mamrikishvili was awarded with the voucher of 100 Euro value for trekking accessories.

ITB Berlin 2016 / 07.03.2016

Tourist Agency “Meet in Georgia” will be attending the travel fair ITB Berlin 2016, on March 9-13.
We would like to invite You to our booth: hall 15.1 / 103.

General Information About Georgia
General Information About Georgia

Georgia – საქართველო, Sakartvelo
Borders Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia
Territory – 69 700 km²
Population – 4 500 000
Capital – Tbilisi (population 1 400 000)
Political system - Parliamentary Republic 
Official language – Georgian
Religion – Georgian Orthodox Church

Historical Sights and Museums
Churches and Monasteries

Georgia is one of the oldest Christian countries. St. Andrew is believed to have preached on Georgian land. However, it was St. Nino from Cappadocia, who introduced Christianity officially in 337.

Cave Towns and Fortresses

There are three cave cities in Georgia, built in different epochs for different purposes, with different architectural styles. The oldest among them is Uplistsikhe, located in the central part of the country.


Georgia, one of the ancient countries, keeps a big amount of amazing historic and ethnographic artifacts in its national museums. There are, also, quite a few art galleries and museums of prominent people.

Diverse Nature of Georgia
Diverse Nature of Georgia

Georgia is famous for its stunning natural beauty. It has a great variety of climate zones, from Mediterranean to subtropical, as well as natural landscapes, both at the seaside and high mountains, deserts and vineyards, forests and glaciers.

Georgian Gastronomy and Wine
Georgian Cuisine

Georgian cuisine is likely to be a great discovery for gourmets. It is believed that the secret of high life expectancy in Georgia lies in unique balance of various food and moderate use of wine.

Georgian Wine

Georgia is the cradle of winemaking. One of the most popular and widespread methods of making wine has always been, so-called, Kakhetian, during which wine is kept in a pitcher.

Georgian Feast Traditions

The Georgians are exceptionally hospitable nation. They say 'A guest is from God', therefore, try to offer the very best to guests.

Georgian Singing and National Dances
Georgian singing and National dances

The key to appreciating Georgian culture lies in its musical folklore. Georgian polyphony and national dances express the beauty of Georgian nature, national temperament, everyday life and traditional values. It perfectly expresses a traditional attitude of men to women, their role in society, as well as incorporates various forms of rituals and ceremonies.

Argonauts In Search of Golden Fleece
Argonauts In Search of Golden Fleece

According to an ancient Greek legend, Argonauts led by Jason headed for the Kingdom of Kolkhis (on the territory of western Georgia) to take back the Golden Fleece earlier belonging to them.